1st June 2020

Our experts pick the best weed products for sex

Our experts pick the best weed products for sex

With summer fast approcing, shelter in place forcing us into a cuffing season in full swing, folks will be spending much of the remainder of the year indoors with their partners. All that time cuddled up indoors can lead to some scenarios that are steamier than your cup of cocoa. So when one thing leads to another, you’d better be prepared. And we’re not just talking about protection. Research shows that cannabis can make getting down (with or without a partner) more satisfying than without. So we’ve picked out a few of our favorite cannabis products that help bring those intimate moments to the next level.

Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil All-In-One Vaporizer

Most folks know that you don’t always have the time or luxury to roll a joint ahead of getting intimate so they brought us Passion, an All-In-One Vaporizer that has a special blend of THC and terpenes to spice up the moment. Ready to use right out of the box, this is ideal for folks who are spontaneous and are looking to enhance their experience “at the drop of a hat.”

Watermelon Tarts

Out team have found multiple applications for edibles ranging from sleep aides to aphrodisiacs. Edibles have been known to provide a full body and head high so they are naturally an option we present to customers when they are asking for products to heighten the moment. Watermelon Tarts has a balance of THC and CBD, which will keep you present and in the mood without an overwhelming buzz. Discreet and individually wrapped, best consumed an hour before getting intimate.

Mountain Man Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate, fruit, and cannabis? ‘Nuff said. All of these are known to be aphrodisiacs so combining these into a beautiful edible is the perfect combination to take before things get heated. This tasty treat from Kiva will not only enhance the fun, but also provides a euphoric high to help induce sleep afterwards.

Palm Trees Blueberry CBD Vape Cartridge

Palm Trees Blueberry has come to market with their beautiful All In One Vaporizer that is ideal for cannabis curious folks who are looking for a low dose THC/CBD experience. Why is this ideal for sex? Their product is infused with blueberry terpenes, which have been known to increase sex drive. Take a couple of puffs prior to sexy time to upgrade your next encounter.

Sure, it gets dark before dinner and you can’t leave the house without a puffy coat, but if you hunker down with a stockpile of these products on hand, you and your partner will be too busy to care. Who said hibernation has to be boring?

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