1st June 2020 fight for racial equity

Fight for racial equity

Here’s why cannabis matters. Editor’s Note: fight for racial equity. We are celebrating Black History Month by highlighting the voices and experiences of African-American leaders in the cannabis space and who are part our family.   The stunning debut episode of HBO’s The Watchmen series, which aired last fall, portrayed the massacre of Black Wall Street, a real-life wave […]

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1st June 2020 The Word “Marijuana”

The Word “Marijuana”

The Word “Marijuan, “Cannabis” is a word with quite a few synonyms—over 1,200. But one of its most common nicknames has a fraught history, which is why you’ll rarely see it used in the burgeoning legal market. Today, we’re digging into the story of why the word “marijuana” became pot’s dominant nickname for so many […]

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